Learn How To Confidently Deliver Amazing Guitar Solos And Amaze Your Audience In 30 Days Or Less With Just 10 Minutes A Day

Discover the Secrets to Jaw-Dropping Guitar Solos

Are you tired of feeling like you need to constantly learn new licks and techniques to improve your playing? Do you feel you need more talent?

Learn ALL my secrets behind strong, interesting, amazing solos and unlock your true potential TODAY!.

No more unnecessary scales, licks and endless practice...


Break free from these old beliefs and tap into the power of proper phrasing and improvisation with the Guitar Solo Secrets programme by Richard Deyn, the education consultant for Gibson Guitars UK and a highly sought-after guitar instructor with a client list that includes well know Musicians, Hollywood actors and sports stars.

In Guitar Solo Secrets programme, you'll learn how to use the most simplest of scales (which you probably already know), to create stunning solos and licks that will impress your friends and fellow musicians. And the best part? You don't need any prior musical knowledge or experience to get started.

 Who Is This Programme For?

Anyone who has struggled to turn a scale in to music. 
You will learn my secret strategies to transform boring scales and exercises in to exiting solos. 


All The Tools You Need



Understand and command the essential elements of phrasing. Play with natural feel and in sympathy to the music.


Create your best guitar tone. You will learn how to set your guitar, amp and drive pedals so they work together to respond to your dynamic playing. 


Feel totally free to play all over the fretboard and play licks and melodies that inspire the listener and make you feel like you’re playing the way you've always wanted. 


Only practical knowledge! Learn that you need to know in order to play over any piece of music from Diatonic to Pentatonic compositions, you will have a true understanding of it all. 


Play the way you feel. No more, no less. Learn how to play spontaneously and in tune with your inner voice. 


Richard is always there to help you. Email, Messenger, our members only area. We've got your back! New lessons being added all the time too!!

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Richard has coached thousands of players at every level from total beginners to professional musicians, Hollywood actors and Sports Stars. His unique approach gets to the core of what you really need to know in order to play real music and express yourself. 

This programme opens up ALL OF RICHARD TIPS AND TRICKS he has developed over the last 3 decades as a pro player and guitar coach. Its like the vault has been unlocked and all of his soloing ideas are in one place for you to explore and use in your own playing. 


What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"Enabling someone to play something recognisable, quickly, removes one of the major obstacles to learning an instrument as early frustration can lead to an instrument being discarded. Richard appears to have solved this problem thus opening the door to easier advancement on the guitar." 

Nigel Pulsford

Guitarist for Bush

"Richard is the best guitar teacher I have ever spent time with. Amazing ideas, really practical knowledge and awesome ways to approach soloing." 

Toby Lee

School Of Rock, West End Cast and Recording Artist


"Within 4 weeks of meeting Ricard and using his ideas, I was playing my first ever gig in London. Now i play all the time. He really makes things simple and useable." 

Joel Ward

Crystal Palace FC

"Richard's teaching style is incredibly engaging and inspiring. He knows how to break down complex techniques and make them accessible to anyone." 

Jerome Blake

Star Wars

"As a mostly self taught, professional gigging guitarist who gets called on to play multiple styles and genres of music, I’m always looking to improve my playing and understanding of my instrument. I finally decided it was time to find a teacher to help me up my game. After doing some research and talking to multiple guitar teachers, I decided on Richard’s program. He explains all the concepts in the simplest forms and really helped me fill the gaps in my playing. He teaches in a way that doesn’t just tell you what to play, but why you play it. Richard definitely knows his stuff." 

Scott Thpmson

Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Check out some of our students in action...

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"Richard's unique way of approaching music education is one of the most exciting things to hit the industry in a years‚ÄĚ

Eric Nicoli


Welcome to a world beyond ordinary online tutorials.

Our program is not just another course; it’s a personalised journey towards musical mastery, designed to match your unique learning style and progress at your own pace.

This comprehensive program goes beyond just transforming scales into music; it's about grasping how these scales come alive across different music genres.

You'll learn to recognise patterns and apply your knowledge creatively to your own compositions.

We offer more than just basic scale learning ‚Äď our aim is to provide a transformative experience that equips you to become not just a skilled guitarist, but a well-rounded musician with a deep understanding of music.

  • 40 + Video Lessons:¬†Each lesson stands alone. Take them in any order, any time.
  • Lessons include:
    - How to learn any scale in minimum time

    - Understanding Tension and control EVERY note in the scale
    - All you need is 4

    - Packing your bag
    - Q and Many A
    - Moving the octaves
    - Sentences
    - Pedal Notes
    - Major Pentatonic
    - Maj/Min Blues Tricks
    - Playing off the 2, 3 and 6
    - Passing and Leading Notes
    - Understanding Groove
    - B.A.R. Technique
    - One Note Solo
    - Adding Some 'bite'
    - Melody vs Flurry
    - Flurries
    - Interruptions 
    - Bends in Phrases
    - Leading Into The Next Phrase
    - Phrase Echoes
    - Filling In Between Chords
    - Purpose
    - Planning Your Solos Journey
    - Planning Your 12 bar blues journey
    - Covering The Entire Fretboard - part 1
    - Covering The Entire Fretboard - part 2
    - Story Telling
    - Ears Not Eyes
    - Polarity
    - Slides, Hammers, Pulls
    - Curls
    - Dynamics and Edge OF Break Up
    - Fairy Dust
    - Echoes
    - Including the 2 and 3 

Bonus Sessions

In addition to the main programme, you will also get access to bonus content including:
- Knowing The Key You're In
- Understanding Pentatonic Composition 
- The Portal Of Doom
- Chord-Stellations


Join The A-Listers...

Regarded as one of the United Kingdom's most distinguished guitar coaches, Richard has made an indelible  mark on the music industry. His illustrious career feature collaborations with iconic figures and organisations including Eric Nicoli, CBE (Former CEP of EMI Group), Raymond Weil Watches, The BBC, The Any Winehouse Foundation and renowned football clubs such as Crystal Palace FC and Ipswich Town FC. Additionally, his deep understanding of music and education led to a pivotal role as educational consultant for Gibson Brands, UK. 

Richard's clientele is diverse and impressive, ranging from beginners and casual players to celebrities featured in mega-hit franchises like Game Of Thrones, Star Wars and The Walking Dad. 

Choosing Richard means choosing a wealth of experience, a proven coaching system, and a passionate mentor who has guided countless individuals towards their guitar mastery goals. When it comes to earning the guitar, join the ranks of the starts and trust one of the best in the business. 

  • World Class Expertise:¬†Learn from one of the UK's top guitar coaches, who brings experience from industry giants like EMI and BBC.¬†¬†
  • Innovative Coaching Method:¬†Benefit from a dynamic coaching based system that moves beyond traditional lessons, ensuring a personalised and effective learning experience tailored to your needs and pace.¬†
  • Proven Track Record:¬†Join an impressive roster of students that ranges from beginners to pro players and celebrities. You're learning from a mentor trusted by starts from it franchises like Game Of Thrones, Star Wars and The Walking Dead.¬†

Richard boasts an illustrious career as a seasoned professional guitarist. His vibrant journey encompasses solo albums, band performances , session work, appearances in concert halls, arenas and contributions to film and television. But Richard is not merely another guitar teacher. He brings real-world experience and know-how, distilling complex concepts into accessible lessons. With Richard, you're not only learning but you're also mastering the key elements needed to deliver awe-inspiring guitar solos with ease. Richard currently owns and runs The Guitar Academy, UK. 

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